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1 Blame
2 Love,-Anonymous
3 Human-Alien
4 Ready-To Epic Jump Dj Ha
5 Djomla KS Feat Firuca Cina Vs. Maddix & LoaX - Party Na Brodu (Dj Hands Up Bootleg) 2018
6 Mahmut Orhan & Colonel Bagshot - 6 Days (Malyar & Beat Boy Rmx) (made with Spreaker)
8 Camila Cabello - Havana (DJ Hands Up Edit)2018
9 Paradigm ShiftOriginal
10 Inside YouOriginal
11 Are You Drunk?Original
12 MillionaireOriginal
13 Epic Micky & Mickey Zobel(original mix)
14 GroovieOriginal
15 Lost in MaltaOriginal
16 All I NeedOriginal
17 All I NeedScott Diaz Grand Plans Dub
18 ExhaleOriginal
19 ExhaleATFC Remix
20 FidelityOriginal
21 Synthetic MemoryOriginal
22 R2 Phone HomeOriginal
23 EmancipationOriginal
24 I'm Going to Love YouOriginal
25 Get UpDub
26 Get UpOriginal
27 Juan ButanoOriginal
28 FusedOriginal
29 On-OffOriginal
30 Shake MeOrginal
1 mix test 1
1 2.loving you easy (feat aj lewis and charlit)
2 1.shut up and kiss me (feat lana lubany)
3 4.new heights (feat lexie b)
4 navigation_ashlee.k
5 R2 Phone Home- Synth 4
6 R2 Phone Home-Synth 3
7 R2 Phone Home- Synth 2
8 Stem test 4
1 WhereMyMoneyAt$
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