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Label and Publishing tools for independent artists

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Automated windowing

Automate price changes for your licenses and releases over time

Automated microlicensing

Generate revenue for low margin/heigh volume uses such as sampling, mixes, remixes and videos without investing time

Set your own price

Set your own prices and change them whenever you want

Split verification and payments

Automate your royalty payments and splits, Define your splits in advance and process multiparty payments instantly with no admin overhead

Payments daily instead of monthly or quarterly

Payouts made daily through paypal or bitcoin

Music recognition

Get paid every time your song gets used in other recordings and videos

Direct Releases. Direct Revenue

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Share publicly or privately with individuals or groups. Link your social accounts and automatically promote previews to YouTube and SoundCloud

Ad free subscriptions

Get paid from your listeners, Subscriptions by subscribers share so nobody else gets paid for your plays

Premium subscriptions

Create a premium subscription tier at your own price and offer high value and exclusive content


Not everyone listens enough to subscribe. Get paid from casual listeners through advertising

Direct Downloads

Set your own price and provide high quality files to those that like to own their music and are willing to pay for quality

Syndication and sponsorships

Allow other sites exclusive access to embed your content

Release what you want, when you want and how you want

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Are the foundation of what connects us


Take people on a journey


Release your stems and collaborate on remixes


The story around the artist and the music. Lessons performances, Interviews, Music videos.
What else can you imagine?


Keep your fans up to date on your latest thoughts and announcements


Curate content based on your taste and help others discover new music

Subscription Price Free $10.00/month
Purchase downloads
Subscribe to exclusive artist content
Upload- Upload and backup your songs, mixes, video, and stems Free-5 Unlimited
Releases fees- Make your song available to the public None $1 /release per month
Share or sell downloads Yes. 100% of revenue to artist Yes. 100% of revenue to artist
Earn Income from subscribers Yes. 75% of revenue to artist Yes. 75% of revenue to artist
Earn income from ads Yes. 60% of revenue to artists Yes. 60% of revenue to artists
Rights clearing Yes. 10% of license Yes. 10% of license
ISRC issuance fees $0.00 $0.00
Import- From Dropbox or Soundcloud
Ownership Management- Track, verify, and pay splits with collaborators, labels, and publishers
License your music- templates for games, mixes, remixes, apps, film, web, and TV
Private releases- Share or sell privately with individuals or groups
Custom pricing- set your own price on download and premium subscriptions
Social sharing- Automatically post releases to Youtube, Soundcloud, Facebook, and Twitter
Custom previews- Create custom preview files for downloads
Music fingerprinting- Earn income when your song appears in a mix
Create premium subscriptions- release exclusive content to subscribers to your channel
Syndication- Allow private embedding
Music Recognition- Upload to Shazam
Analytics - Get detailed global stats on global fan interactions on your profile, media, and across social networks
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Frequenty Asked Questions

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Can I put my music on ClearTracks without a label ?
Yes. ClearTracks was built for artists to release and license their music without a label or a publisher.
Can I put my music on ClearTracks if it's owned by a label ?
You should only upload music if you own the rights. If you have sold the rights to a label, you can still upload it, but make sure you have their permission. You should probably add them as the owner of the master in the splits for the song. You can also ask your label to add the song to ClearTracks for you.
If I upload my music to ClearTracks, can I still sign with a label or a publisher ?
Yes. You own 100% of your rights. ClearTracks only helps you to manage them. When you sign with a label or publisher, you simply update the split information to assign the rights to them.
My music or profile is already on ClearTracks. Who put it there ?
Your music may have been added by a label or distributor with rights to your music. If you think someone is uploading your music without permission or trying to impersonate you, immediately file a copyright claim or profile claim and we'll take it down until we can sort out who the real owner is.
Can someone manage my ClearTracks account for me ?
Yes, you can grant permission to someone else to manage your account. For example, an assistant, your label, your publisher, or your manager can upload your songs and administer your licensing and releases. However, make sure you give permission to their ClearTracks account. Never give out the password to your account.
What are release fees ?
Cleartracks provides a number of free professional tools to manage your music. To make something public, you must create a release. We charge a small monthly fee for each release to discourage scammers from uploading spam and infringing content. Release fees are usually offset by revenue from the track. Private releases do not incur any fees.
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