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New York Media Festival
09/22/2017 · Events

ClearTracks Founder Danny Anders will be speaking at NY Media Festival as part of the RightsTech conference on September 27th.  He will join speakers from Dubset and ABKCO Musc & Records and moderated by Ted Cohen of TAG Strategic.  The panel is titled Remix This:Mash-ups, derivative works, and UGC.More...

Blockchains Won’t Change the Music Industry. Only Artists Can.
10/26/2016 · Editorial

It seems that every day there is a new article or new platform claiming the blockchain will revolutionize the music industry. There are at least 20 companies developing ways to write write music metadata into the blockchain. The Open Music Initiative has brought together over 120 companies trying to find new...

Shazam Integration
10/03/2016 · New feature

We are pleased to announce we have completed our integration with Shazam.  Shazam provides a mobile app that allows fans to hear a song they like and use their phone to identify the song.   If you have a distributor and they already register your songs with Shazam, there is no need to do it again.  Also note that...

ISRC Codes
09/12/2016 · New feature

We are please to announce that we can now issue ISRC codes for your original recordings.  ISRC stands for International Standard Recording Code.  An ISRC code is a unique identifier and international standard that is used to identify a recording.  Every recording should have one if it is going to be put to...

Offline contracts
08/23/2016 · New feature

You can now generate a physical copy of you licensing terms and agreement.  Once you clear a license, and any advances have been paid, you will see an icon in the actions of your cleared licenses.  Click on the button and it will generata a PDF which you can save as proof of the agreement.

SoundCloud import tool
08/08/2016 · New feature

You can now import your files from SoundCloud when creating a new song, stem, or mix.  Previously you could only upload from your computer or import from Dropbox.  After you create a new song, you have your options on how you want to import your media files.  By using Dropbox or Soundcloud, you don't have to wait...

Private sharing and syndication
08/08/2016 · New feature

ClearTracks now gives you the ability to share files privately with other ClearTracks users.  When you create a new release, you will see 2 new release options in the 'licensee' dropdown: Individual and group.
If you select individual, to share the file with a specific person.  If you select group, access will be...

Player embedding and private embeds
08/08/2016 · New feature

We have added the ability to embed our players.  When clicking the 'sharing' icon, you will now see a new tab for 'embed'.  There you can choose between an audio only player or a video player with full album art.The option to embed has been added when creating a new release.  There is a new section with three embed...

Recoupable advances
08/08/2016 · New feature

We have added the ability to create recoupable advances.  When you license something that requires an advance, typically, the licensee is able to recoup that advance through future sales.   Once the advance has been recouped, they continue to pay royalties.When you create a license, you can select if the advance is...

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