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One of the longest operating "Laser Show" + EDM Entertainment Companies in America, www.LaserLightShow.org/about
Louis Capet XXVI Records - www.LouisXXVI.com 

LUX Magazine ranked us as the # 1 Laser Show Rental Company in America. - www.lux-review.com/winners/louis-capet-xxvi-music-publishing

!!emoji!!40!!emoji!! TOURS & FESTIVALS -

!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! Ultra Music Festival - 
We worked with, and came in with MTV AMP who sponsored the start up of Ultra Music Festival 2, and returned again for Ultra Music Fest 4 & 6 in Miami, Florida.  The City of Miami has estimated that Ultra has "generated approximately $995 million of economic impact, with $168 million in 2018 alone."  Louis Capet XXVI adds, ...and they do this in 1 week.

!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! Detroit Electronic Music Festival (3 days 2004) - 
We produced the lasers and invested into along side The Kingdom of Netherlands Dept of Tourism into the Detroit Electronic Music Festival 2004. Wikipedia Mention - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Detroit_Electronic_Music_Festival#History

!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! Projeckt Revolution US Tour - 
We toured with Ghostface Killah on Linkin Park's 2004 Projekt Revolution Tour that featured:  Snoop Dogg, Jay Z, Korn, and many other bands. Wikipedia Mention - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Projekt_Revolution#2004

Other Festivals - 
!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! Jay-Z + Budweiser Made in America Festival - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Made_in_America_Festival#2012
!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! 100th Anniversary Boy Scouts of America 2009 Sussex County NJ
!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! 100th Anniversary Boy Scouts of America 2019 Chester County PA
!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! 100th Anniversary Borough of Stone Harbor NJ
!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! 175th Anniversary of the Pennington School NJ
!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! 150th Anniversary Marshfield Fair
!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! Red Bull Product Launch  Rock n' Air Boulder Colorado
!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! Reebok And1 Lasers for Allen Iverson's New Shoes
!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! Six Flags Great Adventure 2012, 2013, 2014, & 2016
!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! Grand RE-Opening of Philadelphia’s City Hall + Dilworth Park 
!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! Wawa Welcome America Philly at the Movies 2012 to 2016
!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! Disney Frozen 2014
!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! Disney Big Hero 2015
!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! Rocky screening at the Phila Museum Art Steps 2012 to 2016
!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! Disney Finding Nemo 2016
!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! Goya Foods New World Headquarters 2014 Super Bowl Illumination
!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! NASCAR
!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! MLB Philadelphia Phillie's Post Game Concerts

...and many more.  

!!emoji!!40!!emoji!! TV SHOWS -

!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! MTV Amp
!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! MTV News 
!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! WWE World Wrestling Entertainment Royal Rumble
!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! Who's Wedding is it Anyway? (Style Network)
!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! Hack (David Morse)
!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! Girls Gone Wild 
!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! Josh Wink "516 Acid" (music video)
!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! Ro Ransome “See Me Fall” (music video)
!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! 6 ABC Action News for Disney Frozen 2014
!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! 3 CBS News for City Hall Philadelphia
!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! CBS19 & Fox Newsplex 19 Virginia
!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! NBC 10 for Rocky 2016
!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! NBC for Disney Finding Nemo 2016
!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! NBA Post Game TV Show 2001-2003 Phila 76'rs Allen Iverson
!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! NFL Post Game TV Show 2001-2003 Phila Eagles Donovan McNabb
!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! Regular TV appearances on “The Science of Philadelphia” & “The Science Lab of Grand Hank” for the School District of Philadelphia. 

!!emoji!!40!!emoji!! PRODUCTIONS  - 

We have a long history of self-producing our own events, such as the 3D EDM Festival which occurred at the MLB Philadelphia Phillies parking lot of Citizens Bank Park Stadium at the Holiday Inn & South 10th St.  Philadelphia, PA. The headliner was DJ Scotto who produced the Ravestock EDM mega festival -in- festival that debuted at Woodstock 94 that had an attendance of  555,000 estimated.

!!emoji!!40!!emoji!! !!emoji!!40!!emoji!! !!emoji!!40!!emoji!! !!emoji!!40!!emoji!! !!emoji!!40!!emoji!! !!emoji!!40!!emoji!!
Louis Capet XXVI 
Records | Music Publishing | Laser Shows | Event Producer

!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! Website - www.LaserLightShow.org + www.LouisXXVI.com

!!emoji!!40!!emoji!! !!emoji!!40!!emoji!! !!emoji!!40!!emoji!!  Music Genres:

!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! CLASSICAL MUSIC - LaserLightShow.org/Classical-Music

!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! DUBSTEP - LaserLightShow.org/dubstep

!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! EDM - LaserLightShow.org/EDM-Electronic-Dance-Music

!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! FUTURE BASS + FUTURE HOUSE - LaserLightShow.org/Future-Bass

!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! HOUSE - LaserLightShow.org/House-Music

!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! TRANCE - LaserLightShow.org/Trance-Music

!!emoji!!41!!emoji!! VOCALS - LaserLightShow.org/Vocals

E-Mail - MF@LaserLightShow.ORG
Telephone - 215-888-8080
1 Epic Micky & Mickey Zobel(original mix)
  • XXVI
  • 06/18/2018
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