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Increase licensing opportunities with smart contracts

More licensing opportunities without compromising your time or the value of your music


Complete control of terms

Full control of Price, territories, and distribution windows for every use type. Pre-license certain uses or approve license requests individually


Automated windowing

Automate price changes for your licenses and releases over time


Automated microlicensing

Generate revenue from low margin/high volume uses such as sampling, mixes, remixes, and videos without investing time


Split verification and payments

Automate your royalty payments and splits. Define your splits in advance and process multiparty payments instantly with no admin overhead


Payments daily instead of monthly or quarterly

Payouts made daily through paypal or bitcoin


Private releases and syndication

Release content privately or issue exclusive distribution licenses


Make your music go viral

Derivative works create exponential exposure. When your music is licensed by other creators, it reaches millions of potential new fans

Storage - Free
File conversion - Free
Preview Clipping - Free
Windowing - Free
License Creation - Free
Store fees: 0%-10%
Release fees: $1.00/month per release
Rights clearing fees: 10%

Frequenty Asked Questions

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I already have an exclusive distributor. Can I still use ClearTracks ?
Yes, ClearTracks does not conflict with your distributor. Your exclusive is to prevent having 2 distributors submit content to the same service. ClearTracks CAN be considered a retailer. You can ask your distributor to deliver your existing content to us for ingestion. If they also manage your publishing, they can also register as your agent and license your content on your behalf using ClearTracks. Contact us if you want us to connect with your distributor.
I already distribute to other retailers, why do I need ClearTracks ?
ClearTracks complements your existing release strategy. ClearTracks provides some additional monetization opportunities that other services do not. You can not only monetize your songs, but also stems, mixes, and videos. Additionally, you can set your own price. Because there is no middle man, we pay 100% of revenue and royalties out daily.
What formats do you support ?
You can release content as FLAC, WAV, MP3 and MP4. Upload the master and we do all the transcoding for you.
What does it cost to license my music ?
You get 100% of your license fees. We charge a fee to the licensee for clearing the rights.
Do I need to release my music on ClearTracks in order to license it ?
You do not have to release your music on ClearTracks. You can simply use it for free as a licensing platform. However, your tracks will not be available to the public. However, derivative works cleared through ClearTracks must be released through ClearTracks or a ClearTracks partner.
Can I share content privately ?
Yes, you can create licenses and releases for specific individuals or custom groups.
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