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Updated splits management
08/08/2016 · New feature

We have updated the way splits are managed for music licneses.  Now the split management window will be divided between master and publishing rights; allowing you to define the splits independently.

One of the goals of ClearTracks is to simplify the licensing process for potential licensees.  Getting both...

License request previews and counteroffers
08/08/2016 · New feature

We have improved the license request functionality.  When someone makes a request for a license to use your song, stem, or sample, you will now be able to preview the work where it was used.  From your requested licenses list, you can click on the 'info' icon to get more details about the request.  If someone is...

ClearTracks now supports video and MP4
02/18/2016 · Announcements

We're happy to announce that ClearTracks now supports video uploads and MP4.  This opens the door for some interesting ways to monetise you music and engage fans.
-Upload music video versions of your songs.  You can include videos as part of your release along with the original songs and stems.
- You can upload...

ClearTracks can now pay out sales and royalties in Bitcoin
12/07/2015 · Announcements

Following our recent announcement on accepting Bitcoin for music purchases, we are now also supporting payouts with Bitcoin as well.  Artists, labels, publishers, and rightsholders can  receive revenue from direct sales to fans as well as royalties on any licenesing directly to their Bitcoin account.

ClearTracks now accepting bitcoin at checkout
11/17/2015 · Announcements

We're completed our integration with Coinbase and now you can buy music with Bitcoin!

At ClearTracks, artists selling their tracks, stems, and mixes direct to fans get up to 100% of the money from the sale AFTER transaction fees from the payment processor.  Traditional payment processors charge a minimum of $.30...

Hello World!
10/29/2015 · Announcements

Hello World!!  We're alive!

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